The Alex Zanda Difference

We want our workplaces to enable more natural and beneficial ranges of motion. Lack of physical activity is seen as a risk to conditions such as muscular and skeletal diseases, obesity, diabetes type 2, heart and circulatory problems, and studies have proven that sitting still in offices can do lasting damage.

There are positive impacts when continual movement is encouraged, such as increased cognitive powers and a sense of well-being, leading to greater efficiency and a more positive sense of well-being in those seated for long periods of time.

There have been several studies where office workers performance is monitored, and often performance drops off in the second half of the day. This can be countered by increasing movement, encouraging circulation and keeping the body in a healthful position.

Height adjustment

Lift the lever on your right, use your body weight to set chair height. Recommended seat height is when your legs are 90° to your body, with feet flat on the ground.

Recline Angle

To lock the recline position move the lever on the left side of the chair downward. To unlock the recline position move the lever upward. To adjust the recline position first ensure the seat is in the unlocked position. Use your body weight to push back against the seat back. When the desired degree of recline is reached move the lever to the locked position.

Tension Adjustment

Turn the tensioning wheel forwards to increase the recline spring tension. Turn the wheel backwards to reduce spring tension, relative to your personal weight.


Your Alex Zanda chair will be delivered with the adjustment mechanism in the locked position. You must first unlock the recline by lifting up the lever and then push against the seat back to fully release. The chair can then be adjusted to a custom recline position by following the instructions above.


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