Baby Antiluce Fastener with Nyloc Nut

Baby Antiluce Fastener with Nyloc Nut

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SKU: UES3285SS-20, UES3285SS-40, UES3285ZP Categories: ,
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UES3285SS – Stainless Steel 304

UES3285ZP – Steel



UES3285SS – Raw

UES3285ZP – ZP



UES3285SS-20 – 1.4oz

UES3285SS-40 – 1.5oz

UES3285ZP – 1.4oz


Dimension (A)

UES3285SS-20 – 25/32″

UES3285SS-40 – 1 37/64″

UES3285ZP – 25/32″


Product Code: UES3285SS-20, UES3285SS-40, UES3285ZP

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