Grab Handle

Grab Handle


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1/30357B – Black

1/30357W – White


External-Fix Grab Handle With ‘ Snap-Shut’ Trim Panels

Strong, lightweight, attractive. Plant-on fixing, secured with bolts into slotted holes, integral cover panels. Textured finish, normal colours with black and blue/grey. Other colours to special request. Moulded in polypropylene. See table for physical properties. Meets EC 95/28CE regulation for combustibility (less than 3 15/16″ per minute).


Load testing

Tests carried out by an independent proof house gave the following results (at 59°F)

Parallel to fixing: Max load 306kg before handle pulled away from bolts. Vertical to fixing: Max load 126kg before handle pulled away from bolts. With ultimate strength over 300kg we recommend a safe working load of 100kg max.


Product Code: 1/30357B, 1/30357W

Additional Information

Physical Properties of Polypropylene

Izod/Impact strength at 23C°- 9.5kj/m²

Embrittlement Temperature – -20°C

Heat Distortion Temperature – 95°C

Melting Range – 165 – 175°C

Burning Rate (3mm) Thickness – 23mm/minute

UL94 Flammability Rating – UL94HB

Resistance to Ultraviolet Light – After long exposure, some loss of pigment, but no detrimental effect on strength